AdWords Explained

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Google AdWords JammCat

Get your website to the top of Google today! Have you ever Googled something and noticed the first few results had a little yellow box next to them with the word “Ad”?  Those are Google AdWords.  Unlike SEO, which focuses on organic page rank (organic meaning results that populate based on their content and popularity), AdWords is a paid service … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an E-commerce Website

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E-Commerce JammCat

The title says it all.  After reading this, there should be no debate–your business needs to be selling online.    Product Flexibility. Let’s face it, the storage space in your brick and mortar store is finite and figuring out what to stock can be a real nightmare. Having an E-commerce website and trusted suppliers makes it possible to offer hundreds, … Read More

Local SEO

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Local SEO JammCat

Become the talk of the town! As you may know, we specialise in helping small/mid-sized businesses improve their online identity.  However, having a great website is only part of the equation, if you really want to start generating traffic you need to invest in SEO.  So what is local SEO? Most small to mid-sized businesses primarily conduct business locally. Rather than … Read More

How Does Google Work?

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How Google Works JammCat

Out of the trillions of websites on the internet, how does Google find yours? In all honesty, the only people that could tell you exactly how Google works would be their engineers—and I’m pretty sure they won’t be divulging their techniques any time soon.  However, like many complex concepts, we can break it down to make it a little more … Read More

What Makes a Website Look Good?

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Good Web Design

Some have it, some don’t.   We explain what “it” is. Ever been to a website and thought, “Wow, this looks good.”?  Conversely, have you ever been to a website and thought, ”Wow, this looks horrible.”?  I’m guessing you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions.  So what is it that makes a website look good? Well, there’s actually a lot … Read More