5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an E-commerce Website

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The title says it all.  After reading this, there should be no debate–your business needs to be selling online.


5. Product Flexibility. Let’s face it, the storage space in your brick and mortar store is finite and figuring out what to stock can be a real nightmare. Having an E-commerce website and trusted suppliers makes it possible to offer hundreds, if not thousands, of different products. If your suppliers offer dropshipping, products do not even need to touch your hands and can be delivered directly to your customers from your suppliers. DropshiCustomer Feedback JammCatpping has become quite popular over the years, and with an E-commerce website, you too can begin offering a more diversified product line-up that appeals to more people.

4. Better Customer Feedback. Asking for customer feedback in person or via a suggestion box can be quite cumbersome. Most customers do not want to be hassled with filling out a survey when they’re shopping. And actually reading through and recording the data from those surveys is extremely time consuming. With an E-commerce website, you can offer quick surveys that compile the data automatically so you can start making changes immediately. A strategy many businesses use is offering an incentive to customers who choose to complete a survey—(e.g. a coupon or voucher). Typically, when people are shopping online, they are by themselves and aren’t on a time crunch, so they are able complete a customer feedback questionnaire properly and provide useful information. Also, with online surveys, customers are typically more honest because there is some degree of anonymity.

3. Open 24/7. No longer does your business close shop at 7pm, with E-commerce, cuOpen Any Time JammCatstomers can shop with you whenever they want. Although it’s great being able to sell your products at any time, the holidays are when having an E-commerce website really pays off. It can be difficult to find the time to purchase gifts for your friends and family during the holidays, but having an E-commerce website allows them to shop with you on their time. It’s a great time to run online promotions and show your customers how much you appreciate them.

2. Wider Customer Reach. If you’re like most small/mid-sized businesses, you probably have 1 to 3 stores. And more than likely, these stores are located within the same region. Although it’s great to establish a local presence, if it’s possible to reach more customers, why wouldn’t you? Over 40% of the entire population is connected to the internet, with that number increasing every second. In the UK, a staggering 87% of the population is on the internet. Having an E-commerce website allows your door to be open to millions of people.

1. Growth. This is what E-commerce is all about. All of the aforementioned points lead to your business growing in size, number of customers, and revenue. If done properly, your business could experienceBusiness Growth JammCat significant growth within the first year of going online. However, just having an online store is not good enough. Marketing, social media involvement, advertising, and SEO, are the driving forces behind your businesses success online.

Although there are plenty of other reasons why your business should start selling online, these are the most significant. What other benefits stem from E-commerce?  Let us know in the comment section below!

-Ryan | JammCat

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